The Ambitious Dollar

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

The Ambitious Dollar is a personal finance and professional development site dedicated to those who are ready to be honest with themselves, take charge of their life, and start reaching their goals. The Ambitious Dollar aims to break the faux pas nature of personal finances and help others become more excited and confident in their ability to build a wealthy life.

About the Founder

Audra Kershner is a stubborn optimist and outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about traveling and experiencing life to the fullest. Moving around with the military every few years has given her the chance to try her hand at a variety of careers. And, depending on which day of the week you ask her – she may say it’s been either the best, or toughest thing she’s ever had to do.

Feelings aside, that is what gave her the opportunity to reinvent herself and her goals, no holds barred. When you look at it that way – how much more freedom could you ask for to figure out what you really want? It’s this motivation that prompted the founding of The Ambitious Dollar (formally Mulling Over Maybe).

Her goal is for The Ambitious Dollar to serve as a platform for sharing applicable and concrete personal finance and professional development information that is easy to digest and shared in a way to help others boldly develop and meet their goals.