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Webull Free Stock Odds – 2021 Update

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What is Webull?

Webull is one of the more recent newcomers to the free trading app scene. Webull launched in 2017 and has been slowly growing in popularity as it seeks to compete with other low-fee and free trading platforms such as Robinhood and SoFi. Their platform offers:

  • Free stock trades
  • No commission on stocks, ETFs and options 
  • Free ACH transfers 
  • No minimum balance requirement

Do you get free stock with Webull?

Webull is currently offering a promotion of two free stocks (of varying, random value) when you sign up. Your two free stocks could be valued up to $1850. However, you have to meet a few requirements to be eligible for and to receive the two free stocks.

  • You must be opening a new account as a new user with Webull
  • You must be a US Citizen who is 18 years old with a valid social security number
  • You must fund your account with at least $100 within 30 days of opening your account

This promotion is two-fold. You will gain one free stock by opening a new account. Then you’ll be able to claim your second free stock by funding your account with at least $100 within 30 days of setting up your account.

Previous Webull free stock promotions

You may see other older promotions advertising 4 free stocks with Webull, however, as of February 2021, they’ve adjusted their terms. This change doesn’t necessarily signify that they’ll be getting rid of the promotion altogether in the near future. However, if you want your free stocks, it’s in your benefit to do so ASAP in case they do.


Once you have an account with Webull, you can also start using your own unique referral link to invite others to join. In doing so, you’ll earn 2 free stocks for each successful referral. Those referral stocks will be valued between $8-$1600 each. 

A referral is considered successful when a new user uses the referral link you provided to sign up for a new brokerage account and funds it with at least $100 within 30 days. 

Why would Webull give away free stocks?

If it seems a little crazy that a brokerage would just give away free stocks, you’re not out of line for thinking that. However, in this situation, we’re all simply benefiting from increased competition in the free trading app scene. Webull is attempting to set itself apart, but it’s not the only one offering free stocks. Other platforms including Robinhood, Stash, and Public have offered this recently as well.

Free stock odds

You may be wondering what types of stocks you could actually get for free. Afterall, this effort might not be worth it if you’ll end up with penny stocks. 

Webull shared that the inventory of free stock available is from companies with a market capitalization of $2.5 billion or greater. Some specific companies they namedropped are Facebook, Proctor & Gamble, Starbucks, Snap, and Kraft Heinz. 

Webull states that all free stocks will be from US-based companies listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ Stock Exchange. They have a specific list of the odds of getting stocks at varying price points – listed below. You can also view the full terms on their site.

Free stock price odds for opening an account:

Stock in the $2.5/share – $10/share range, approximately 1:1.02 

Stock in the $10/share – $50/share range, approximately 1:52.63 

Stock in the $80/share – $100/share range, approximately 1:1111.11 

stock in the $100/share – $250/share range, approximately 1:10000

Free stock price odds after opening and funding an account with $100 or more:

Stock in the $8/share – $30/share range, approximately 1:1.02 

Stock in the $30/share – $100/share range, approximately 1:52.63 

Stock in the $100/share – $200/share range, approximately 1:1111.11 

Stock in the $1000/share – $1600/share range, approximately 1:10000

So, are you likely to become an overnight millionaire with your free stocks from Webull? Probably not. But you still have the chance to get some very valuable stocks through their promotion. And even if you end up with a lower value stock, you’ll still have some free money in your pocket that you didn’t have before.

How do you actually get free stocks on Webull?

  1. Open an account 
  2. Download the Webull app to your smartphone
  3. Open the app and click “Trade” to begin setting up your account
  4. Follow the prompts to enter in your personal information
  5. Fund your Webull account with $100 or more within 30 days or less (keep in mind it may take a few business days for your funds to settle in the account depending on if you send the funds via ACH transfer or by wire)
  6. Click “Menu” on the bottom right corner of the app
  7. Click “My Free Stock”
  8. Click “Get” at the top right of this screen to see what free stocks you can claim
  9. The stock will officially be yours and credited to your account within 5 trading days

What can you do with your free stock?

Once your free stocks have been officially credited to your account, you are free to hold or sell them at your leisure. If you opt to sell them right away, or in the near future, keep in mind that there will be tax implications. 

Stocks that are held for less than one year will be taxed at the higher short term capital gains tax rate.

How long does it take to get your free stock on Webull?

Three things affect how long it will take you to receive your free stocks on Webull:

1. Setting up your account

Setting up your account is a very quick process and can typically be done in less than an hour. Though, in some instances, users have had to wait one day until their account is approved.

2. Funding your account

This will depend primarily on your banking institution. In most cases, it will take 3-5 days for your funds to settle once they’ve been deposited into your Webull account. However, Webull notes it can take up to 15 business days in total. 

3. Claiming your free stocks

Your free stocks will not just show up in your account. You have to access them in the mobile app and actively claim them as described above. So make sure you set a reminder to check your account within a week or two of opening and funding so you don’t forget.

Can you trust Webull?

Webull is an arm of the Chinese company Hunan Fumi Information Technology Co. However, Webull itself is based in New York City and is regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (aka FINRA). This means the cash and securities you have through Webull are protected, up to $500,000 limit, by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SPIC) insurance. 

The bottom line

Webull is offering new customers who meet the eligibility requirements (listed above) two free stocks by setting up a new account and funding it with at least $100 within 30 days. Certainly, they’re hoping you’ll become lifelong customers, but you’ll get the free stocks regardless.

Whether you choose to stick with them in the long term is up to you. Once the stocks are credited to your account, you’re free to hold, sell, transfer them as you see fit. So, why not sign up and get your two free stocks while you can?

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